I provide consecutive, simultaneous, and conference interpreting for English<>Slovenian language combination. I have worked as a freelance interpreter, mainly for the US Department of State, since 2003. I have interpreted for the First Lady Laura Bush, Chief of Joint Chief of Staff Richard Myers, high government officials, members of NGOs, law enforcement officers, artists, as well as for private individuals, mainly through phone interpreting services on variety of topics.


I have offered translating services approximately at the same time as interpreting. I have worked with a number of government agencies as well as translating agencies, and private individuals. I have covered different topics from business, marketing, and legal, to technical, political, scientific and social sciences.


I have taught Slovenian since 2009 at the Foreign Service Institute in Arlington, VA. Occasionally, I have also provided lessons to private individuals. Now, my services are also available online. I offer long distance language learning classes for individuals for all levels. If you are interested please contact me for free consultations.

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